Team KSA Supports VA-sponsored Veteran Reintegration and Readjustment Retreat Program

Since September 2022, KSA has been supporting the Veteran Administration’s (VA) reintegration and readjustment retreat program. KSA, alongside our partner Magellan Federal, has planned and conducted 15 retreats, benefiting 199 veterans and their spouses. The VA has selected eligible veterans from across 35 states and territories for diverse cohorts, including all-female, all-male, couples, and transgender veterans. 

These retreats are thoughtfully designed, considering the unique needs of each veteran and their preferences. Our partner Magellan Federal provides clinicians, also veterans or family members of veterans, who specialize in various counseling disciplines, such as Financial and Occupational Counseling, Stress Reduction and Management Strategies, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and many others. Team KSA’s inclusive approach strikes a balance between structured classroom time and outdoor recreational activities such as canoeing and axe throwing, ensuring memorable experiences in safe and open environments. This comprehensive support covers transportation, lodging, and meals in ADA-compliant venues. Veterans consistently emphasize the positive impact retreats have on their mental health challenges. 

If you are a Veteran dealing with the difficulties of readjusting to life after your time in uniform, reach out to your local Vet Center and ask about future retreat opportunities