About Us

Our Leadership Team


Keith Stalder

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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Bryan Altmire

Chief Operating Officer
Bob Watt

Robert Watt

Director, Business Development
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Eric O'Harra

Eric O’Harra

Portfolio Manager for Warrior Care, Facility Security Officer (FSO)
David Hitchcock

David Hitchcock

Portfolio Manager for Business Process Improvement
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Jamie Murphy

Program Manager, Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Call and Outreach Center
Dave Danelo B&W

Dave Danelo

Director of Research
Grace Milam

Grace Milam

Director of Talent Acquisition and Management
Chase LaChimia

Chase LaChimia

Director of IT Management

Board of Advisors

Jennifer Wynn

CPA, Owner of WhiteGlove Accounting.

John Milam

Chief Executive Officer, Dynamis

Rich Hansen

Chief Executive Officer, RMGS

Mike Gardner

Corporate Counsel

Our Value Proposition


KSA Integration provides quality services based on decades of collective experience. We provide business solutions based on root causes, without the overhead cost constraints of larger, less flexible companies. Specifically, we provide unparalleled value in the following areas:


We are an agile company, able to adapt to a range of customer needs. We understand that business and organizational environments are dynamic and require adaptability. This is why we tailor our solutions specifically to each business or organizational need, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach.

Quality Execution

KSA Integration ensures exemplary services through our internal project management and quality controls. We deliver products that enable strategic progress and viable, long-term results.

Staff Expertise

Our staff possesses a wide range of experience from program management, to training and curriculum development, to organizational development and design. Our team of subject matter experts has decades of experience that enables it to offer relevant, long-term solutions.

Progressive Staffing Model

We have a large number of nationally and internationally recognized Subject Matter Experts (SME), whom we leverage with our diverse team to balance the financial burden of retaining experienced staff. Our customers enjoy the benefit of strategically applying SME talents during project execution, and complementing these talents with hard working, energetic staff.

Best Value

We pride ourselves on having lean overhead costs, which ensure our customers don’t bear the burden of unnecessary and unforeseen project costs. We deliver results in a timely manner while incorporating as much constructive feedback from our customers as possible.

Our Partners & Customers