John Milam is the Founder and CEO of Dynamis, an elite provider of professional and technical services to the Federal Government and a number of European and Middle Eastern governments and institutions. Over his 39 year career he has served at virtually all levels of technical, management, and leadership responsibility inherent in the professional services industry. As such, Mr. Milam is deeply experienced in all facets of successfully starting, building, growing, and sustaining like companies and consultancies.

In the course of his career, Mr. Milam has been principal investigator on a series of studies regarding the international security environment for the Office of the Secretary of Defense as well as the Joint Chiefs of Staff among others. He has developed several cutting-edge analytic methodologies and tools to provide insight and understanding into the geostrategic balance of power between the US, its allies, and its competitors.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Milam has acted as a senior executive at both large and small companies being responsible for all facets of corporate governance appropriate to his organization. This includes creating the corporate culture, establishing the vision, developing the strategy, and building the plans necessary for long term growth and profitability. At this point in his career, his mission is to share his experience and knowledge with other like minded individuals who share his passion for making the world a safer and better place.