An Open Letter to KSA Staff, Partners, and Friends

To our Team and Friends,

For almost 15 years, KSA Integration has been providing service, integrity, and value to our customers. Our dedicated professionals are more than deserving of the accolades we annually receive, including Inc. magazine’s national Best Workplace, Best for Vets, Hire Vets Platinum award, and regular compliments on excellent work. Our company is healthy, growing, and well postured to progress. Our future is bright.

We understand the impact each KSA team member brings to our customers and to the company. Our intent as owners is to sustain and grow KSA for the long-term.  As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of KSA Integration it is crucial to have a comprehensive succession plan in place.

Considering the inevitability of changes in leadership and the future growth of our company, we must proactively plan for the transition of key roles and responsibilities. A well-thought-out succession plan will not only ensure a smooth transfer of leadership but also maintain continuity in operations and uphold our company’s values and vision. For the long-term success of the company, Keith intends to evolve into a supporting role rather than as the day-to-day CEO.  And Bryan needs to be, and be seen, as the current day-to-day and future leadership of KSA, the CEO.

Effective this month, Keith will step down from the CEO title, remaining active in KSA indefinitely as Founder and majority owner.  Bryan will move into the Chief Executive Officer position, with Bob Watt replacing Bryan as Chief Operating Officer. In the near future, KSA will announce a new Director of Business Development.

As KSA’s new CEO, Bryan has a strong background in organizational leadership and strategic analysis, delivering positive outcomes in complex organizational environments. In 2015, Keith and Bryan partnered to grow KSA Integration from a sole proprietorship to a thriving small business. Most recently, as the Chief Operating Officer, Bryan had oversight of company operations and drove KSA’s operational activities in alignment with strategic goals. Prior to KSA, Bryan led analytical studies for the Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute, the Department of Homeland Security’s federally funded research and development center. Bryan’s experience in leading high-impact projects, developing internal business processes, and driving successful business proposals have been instrumental in advancing operational efficiency.

As KSA’s new COO, Bob brings over 20 years of proven leadership and business development expertise, having steering complex projects and driven strategic growth across government and industry sectors. As KSA’s Director of Business Development, Bob developed, managed, and executed a 5-year business pipeline encompassing government and industry markets. Prior to joining KSA, Bob directed the Navy & Marine Corps Expeditionary business segment at Booz Allen Hamilton. A retired US Air Force officer, Bob oversaw programs ranging from small-scale initiatives to multi-billion-dollar procurement efforts while on active duty. He specialized in command-and-control systems, aircraft procurement, and air and missile defense systems, playing a pivotal role in developing new analysis and decision support tools that enhanced defense capabilities.

As we grow capabilities, our vision for KSA remains the same: to support our Veterans and deliver value to our customers. The company’s success has been because of our talented team, and we are tremendously grateful for the opportunity to further its growth alongside each of you.

Very respectfully,

Keith and Bryan

About KSA Integration

KSA Integration, LLC, is a Service- Disabled Veteran-owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that was founded by LtGen Keith Stalder (USMC, Ret.) and Bryan Altmire in November 2010. KSA Integration offers a comprehensive portfolio of support capabilities in three critical areas: 1) Data Science and Analytics, 2) Warrior Care, and 3) Business Process Improvement. For more information visit us at or contact