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KSA Integration was created from our personal desire to increase value and improve the client experience in private and government consulting.  After working with several providers and implementing countless solutions, it seemed that the industry’s approach to working with clients was becoming progressively less personalized and more expensive. 

Each of us had witnessed occasions where stock solutions were applied to organizational problems without a true understanding of root causes. We have a strong desire to do business differently. 

KSA Integration was founded with the belief that consulting could be more personalized to match the unique needs of organizations. Additionally, we believe that clients should have direct access to every level within KSA, including our CEO. 

At KSA Integration, our clients are not just a contract. They are a unique opportunity for solution development and making a lasting difference in organizations.  

KSA Integration uses innovative analysis and data driven solutions to help organizations address their most challenging issues. We develop solutions for today, tomorrow and years into the future.

Strategy Development/Planning, Environment Assessments, Risk Assessments and Mitigation, Requirements Determination/Prioritization.

Training and Education Planning, Curriculum Development, Leadership Offsites.

Organizational Integration Assessments, Process-Based Solution Development/Process Improvement,  Policy, Operations and Acquisition Assessments and Analysis.

It’s not enough to excel every day in the activities of the moment; organizations must relentlessly build a better future.
— LtGen Keith Stalder

Program Management, Resource Planning and Management, Cost Estimating and Analysis. 


Innovation Technology Solutions, Emerging Technology Integration, Insight Requirements Gathering Solution.

KSA Integration provides quality services based on decades of collective experience. We provide business solutions based on root causes, without the overhead cost constraints of larger, less flexible companies. Specifically, we provide unparalleled value in the following areas:

Flexibility: We are an agile company, able to adapt to a range of customer needs. We understand that business and organizational environments are dynamic and require adaptability. This is why we tailor our solutions specifically to each business or organizational need, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach.

Quality Execution: KSA Integration ensures exemplary services through our internal project management and quality controls. We deliver products that enable strategic progress and viable, long-term results.

Staff Expertise: Our staff possesses a wide range of experience from program management, to training and curriculum development, to organizational development and design. Our team of subject matter experts has decades of experience that enables it to offer relevant, long-term solutions.

Progressive Staffing Model: We have a large number of nationally and internationally recognized Subject Matter Experts (SME), whom we leverage with our diverse team to balance the financial burden of retaining experienced staff. Our customers enjoy the benefit of strategically applying SME talents during project execution, and complementing these talents with hard working, energetic staff.

Best Value: We pride ourselves on having lean overhead costs, which ensure our customers don’t bear the burden of unnecessary and unforeseen project costs. We deliver results in a timely manner while incorporating as much constructive feedback from our customers as possible.

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KSA Integration partners with a diverse network of experts that possess unique insights and skill sets. This ensures that KSA can tackle even the most challenging organizational problems and create tailored solutions that provide immediate, long-term, and enduring benefits.

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  • This blog is designed to address all critical elements of organizational success. 
  • Each blog entry contains small steps/considerations for organizational improvement that are straightforward and easily applied to any size business or organization, regardless of what they do.  
  • The organizational principles addressed in the blog are timeless and universal; however, to implement these it takes hard work, done over a long period of time, and with relentless dedication and the persistent pursuit of excellence.

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KSA Awarded GSA Professional Services Schedule

April 23rd, 2018
KSA Integration, LLC, was recently awarded a position on the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Professional Services Schedule (PSS), a major contract vehicle that federal agencies utilize to acquire a wide range of professional services.

KSA Announces 5-Year Contract with DHS S&T

March 9th, 2018
KSA Integration, LLC, in partnership with prime contractor Applied Research Associates (ARA), announced that it was awarded a 5-year subcontract with the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS), Directorate for Science and Technology (S&T).

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