Our technology solutions include: 

  1. Innovation technology solutions,

  2. emerging technology integration,

  3. Insight Requirements Gathering Solution.

Technology utilization and integration is a key to gaining a competitive or operational advantage. For both government organizations and private sector corporations, successful use of technology means continually seeking to better understand current and emerging technology implications within the context of your organization. KSA Integration’s approach to advising expands far beyond typical technology consulting services. We first take time to understand your specific mission, the environment in which you operate, and the needs of your clients and customers. Then, armed with this understanding, we conduct extensive research on current and emerging technology. Finally, we provide tailored technology reports focused on actionable information without overwhelming you or your team with unneeded information.  

1. Innovative Technology Solutions

KSA Integration develops innovative technology solutions to persistent operational problems. To do so, we first spend the time to thoroughly understand your challenges.  Second, we identify and document operational variables such as: existing technology, system integration requirements, and human factors. Then, we conduct extensive technology research and analysis to develop actionable alternatives with cost estimates. Finally, we capture the alternatives in a report with a focus on implementation.

2. Emerging Technology Integration

KSA Integration assesses emerging innovations to assist organizations in planning for, and capitalizing on, potentially transformation technologies.

Our specific expertise focuses on:

  • Unmanned Ariel Systems (UAS): Developed UAS concepts of operations, employment, technology development, and force models to support multiple DOD customers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Operational Cyber: Supports leaders in creating, protecting, detecting, reacting, restoring, and assessing their cyber defenses. All stakeholders are engaged to integrate cyber policy, processes, planning, technology, and training into a holistic cyber defense program.

3. Insight Requirements Gathering Solution

A simple rule in organizational physics is that the farther decisions are made from the point of execution the less likely the needs of end-user/field practitioner are considered. Insight is a KSA-developed, technology-enabled process that systematically elicits, prioritizes, and visualizes requirements across any hierarchical organization. In doing so, it provides all levels of leadership with a decision support tool that visualizes the following:

  • Needs by category (ex: training, infrastructure, personnel, and hardware)

  • Needs across geographic regions

  • Needs according to estimated costs

  • Needs over time (historical trends)