Ken Lee

Kenneth Lee

Areas of Expertise

  • Operational Assessment

  • Corporate Regulatory and Policy Compliance

  • Ethical Conduct Assessment

  • Organizational Operation Integration

  • Oversight Strategy Formulation

Kenneth Lee is the founding Principal of Internal Assessments and Compliance, LLC, a compliance consulting service, which performs assessments, investigations, and inspections of various corporate entities, to ensure performance is within guidelines, policies, and regulations.

Prior to establishing the LLC, Kenneth was the Inspector General of the Marine Corps leading a team of 30 staff and 80 Inspector Generals.  Under his leadership, the group conducted investigations and inspections of all matters under the cognizance of the Secretary of the Navy; formulated and executed the Secretary of the Navy’s Oversight Strategy for Marine Corps matters; supported the Secretary of the Navy for the administration of programs to prevent fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement and misconduct throughout the Marine Corps, to include comprehensive special studies, inspections and assessments of service-wide programs, policies and procedures. 

In 2007, Kenneth was appointed Principal Deputy General Counsel, Department of the Navy, where he provided leadership to over 600 attorneys worldwide and was responsible to the Secretary of the Navy for all legal, administrative, and policy matters affecting the Department of the Navy.

Kenneth was commissioned as a Marine Corps Officer and was designated a Fighter Pilot. While on active duty he was assigned as Operations Officer, deployed to Europe and Asia and attended Navy Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun).  After discharge from active duty, Kenneth remained active in the Marine Corps Reserve serving multitude of Commanding Officer and Senior Staff positions.  In addition, Kenneth served as Congressional Liaison Officer in the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as the Marine Corps Congressional Programs Officer for procurement and appropriations.  In his final position, Kenneth served as advisor to the Deputy Commandant for Marine Aviation and Secretary of the Navy on the Warfighter Capability and Affordability Trade Analysis of the Marine Corps Tactical Aviation Program.

Kenneth was recalled to active duty in 2004 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF-II), where he was assigned to 3rd Marine Air Wing as the Operations Officer. During his combat tour, he was responsible for the coordination, planning, and execution of air combat operations in Najaf, Fallujah, and the Al Anbar Province.

In the private sector, Kenneth joined American Airlines and was designated an International Captain, flying transatlantic, Caribbean, and South American routes.  In addition to flight duties, Kenneth held the position of Government Affairs Attorney, where he served as advisor and coordinator of regulatory and commercial legislation requirements of the aviation industry, and as council to the VP of Government Affairs on legal issues raised by Department of Transportation concerning Predatory Pricing and Anti-Trust laws. 

Further, Kenneth specialized in aviation litigation with the law firm Dombroff & Gilmore, interfacing directly with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) addressing aircraft accident investigations and various manners of legal proceedings.  He served on primary defense team for high profile cases including the Federal Multidistrict Litigation Case for the TWA 800 accident, and for US Airways in the accident litigation case of US Air Flight 427.

Kenneth holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He received his Juris Doctor Degree from George Washington University Law School, and an LLM in National Security Law with distinction from Georgetown University.  Kenneth is currently a member of the Virginia and DC Bar.