Innovative Requirements Definition

KSA Integration developed and employs an innovative process for requirement generations and prioritization within several organizations.  Insight is a bottom-up, technology driven technique that systematically elicits, prioritizes, and visualizes functional needs across any hierarchical organization. In doing so, it provides all levels of leadership with a decision support tool that visualizes the following organizational requirements:

•    Needs by category (ex: training, infrastructure, personnel, technology, and  hardware)
•    Needs across geographic regions
•    Needs according to estimated costs
•    Needs over time (historical trends)

How we collect and vizualize data:

Structured "Crowd Sourcing"

1. Organizational Hierarchy Translated to Functional Networks

2. Functional Working Groups Convened at All Levels of the Organization to Elicit Data

3. Vizualize Data into Actionable Options