Organizational Research & Analysis

KSA Integration supports several research and analysis institutions including the Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute, Center for Naval Analyses and the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. Our partnership with these Institutes has yielded impactful analysis and recommendations for Federal Government clients such as U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of Policy, and the Department of Defense.

Department of Homeland Security Support

KSA Integration has supported the Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute since 2011. Project support includes:

CBP ASSESSMENT: KSA provided support in a two year long comprehensive assessment and development program for CBP. This support yielded several actionable recommendations to increase mission integration with the Agency, as well as streamlined Agency threat awareness, strategy development, planning, programming, budgeting, evaluation (PPBE), and resource allocation methods and processes.

DHS POLICY: KSA provided support to DHS Office of Policy in an assessment of current processes and coordination procedures. The adequacy of the approaches was evaluated to ensure the most effective and efficient DHS policy production. Further, staff roles and responsibilities were evaluated to ensure the most effective alignment for mission support.

Department of Defense Support

KSA Integration has worked with the Center for Naval Analyses since 2010 to provide strategic and operational insights for a variety of analytical products to support the Department of the Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps.  U.S. force posture in the western Pacific, the relocation of U.S. Marine forces from Okinawa to Guam and Australia, the role of expeditionary and amphibious forces in the challenges of conflicting maritime claims in the South China Sea, Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2AD) in the future of Asia and the western Pacific, distributed lay down (DL), and crisis response and theater engagement within U.S. Pacific Command’s (PACOM’s) area of responsibility (AOR) are among the analytical areas to which KSA has contributed expertise.