Data Analytics

Our Core competencies: 

  • Data Visualization

  • Dashboard Development

  • Decision Support Analytics

KSA Integration employs state of the art data analysis techniques and technologies to provide enhanced capabilities for decision making and organizational processes. KSA pairs our data analysts with operational experts ensuring that outcomes are practical, useable and scalable. We inspect, clean, transform, and model data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decisions.

Comprehensive Service Member and Veterans Support

Our core competencies: 

  • Non-Medical Case Management

  • Outreach Support for Career Transition

  • Call and Resource Center Operations

  • Resource Identification and Paring

KSA Integration provides comprehensive support for service members, veterans, and their families focusing on transition, health and wellness, employment, and connections to relevant resources. Specifically, KSA Integration currently supports Wounded, Ill, and Injured service members by analyzing their individual needs and supporting the development of a detailed recovery and support plan.

Organizational & Process Improvement

Our core competencies: 

  • Organizational Development

  • Program Management

  • Policy and Operational Analysis

KSA Integration’s approach to organizational and process improvement is built upon proven processes and recognized best practices in management consulting. Our solutions remedy complex, persistent problems that require time, attention, hard work, and dedication. We spend the time to develop a deep and thorough understanding of organizations. From this understanding, we develop recommendations and work with clients hand-in-hand to implement these changes.

Training & Education

Our core competencies: 

  • Training and education planning

  • Curriculum Development

  • Leadership Mentoring & Offsites

KSA Integration is experienced at developing and executing tailored training and education concepts and perhaps, most importantly, evaluating their impacts on performance.  Training and education are not static activities that occur at set points in time; they are dynamic initiatives that evolve to meet the unique demands of individual organizations. This approach ensures organizations are well prepared to meet the challenges of the present and the changing environment of the future.