Our consulting solutions include: 

  1. Organizational Integration Assessments
  2. Process-Based Solution Development/Process Improvement
  3. Policy, Operations and Acquisition Assessments and Analysis

KSA Integration’s approach to management consulting differs from many in the industry. We do not offer quick, obvious solutions to complex, persistent problems that require time, attention, hard work, and dedication. With the objectivity and distance of a third-party, we spend the time to develop a deep and thorough understanding of your organization. From this understanding, we apply our knowledgeable experience of organizations and management to develop insightful recommendations that address the root causes of your organizational challenges. Once recommendations are identified, we work hand-in-hand with you to implement these recommendations. The end result is enduring solutions to complex organizational challenges.

1. Organizational Integration Assessments- KSA Integration enhances performance by providing an easy to understand, independent organizational assessment of how to better integrate all your operational and business functions. This assessment begins with a comprehensive understanding of your operating and business functions. 

2. Process-Based Solution Development/Process Improvement - There are many methods designed to improve processes. However, a great number of these methods have been adapted from other industries with little consideration for the human element. KSA Integration differentiates our approach to process improvement by carefully considering and documenting the human behavior changes required to achieve desired results. We then implement a tailored process, with measurable milestones, to make sure the right results are achieved. It’s not complicated. We take the time to fix root cause issues to ensure problems stay fixed. 

3. Policy, Operations and Acquisition Assessments and Analysis- KSA Integration understands that not every organization is in need of drastic change or shifts. Often, we help you by addressing specific policy, operational, or acquisition issues by providing a seasoned, independent perspective. We take the time to understand the intricacies and complexities of your specific organizational needs and help you gather the right data. We then perform unbiased analyses to help make your decision-making easier.