Our strategy solutions include: 

1. Strategy Development/Planning

2. Strategic Environment Assessments

3. Risk Assessments and Mitigation

4. Requirements Determination/Prioritization

Even the most well established organizations often struggle to define their strategy. Addressing this challenge is often overcome by the demands of daily operations and evolving working environments. At KSA Integration, we help organizations to never lose sight of the bigger picture and work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand and articulate their past, present and future. We demystify the process and offer real world, proven methods for defining organizational strategy and staying focused on long-term goal and objectives.

There are also several supporting elements to strategy development that we help organizations to understand and internalize. First, organizations do not exist in a vacuum and therefore internal and external forces need to be identified and contemplated. As a compliment to this, strategic risk must be understood and when necessary, effective mitigation measures need to be put in place. And, finally, organizations need to understand and have a mechanism for capturing and prioritizing requirements as these unpin the daily operations.

At KSA Integration, we embrace a comprehensive approach to strategy that embraces all the critical elements. We see strategy as process, rather than a singular point in time.  Ultimately, strategy is what drives change for the better. Dramatic gains in efficiency, effectiveness, profitability, morale, and potential can be realized.

1. Strategy Development/Planning - KSA Integration understands that long range planning is critical for organizational success, but also must be adaptable to the ever-changing environment. From broad aspirations to concrete goals, we help you articulate the essential elements of your strategy and understand the capabilities and management systems required for organizational success.  Simply put: We help you truly internalize the trade-offs and choices you face every day while remaining steadfast in your long-term aspirations.

2. Strategic Environment Assessments – All government and business organizations operate within a broader global environment, which requires constant balancing of internal and external factors. At KSA Integration, we help you systematically analyze your current global environment to identify current and future threats, challenges, and opportunities. From this understanding, we help you leverage strengthens and manage challenges in your current and future operating environment. 

3. Risk Assessments and Mitigation- Building for the future requires organizational leaders to understand where and when to take strategic risks. KSA Integration finds many risk methods overwhelmingly focus at the tactical level rather than the strategic, making it difficult for decision makers to translate risk into action. Our approach to risk assessment and mitigation favors the simple over the complex, allowing you to focus on strategic risks decisions to balance your organization for the future.

4. Requirements Determination/Prioritization- A simple rule in organizational physics is that the farther decisions are made from the point of execution the less likely the needs of end-user/field practitioner are considered. We help you reverse this dynamic by systematically gathering end-user/field practitioner requirements to inform strategic decisions. In the end, we help you understand the needs of those executing missions and prioritize them.